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    Mistry Technologies Inc ... We take the mystery out of computing ...
    Providing simple soluions to complex infrastructure and computing problems ... from small businesses to large multinational corporations. Our unique combination of Hardware Systems Design and experience with latest software methodologies allows us to provide unique solutions to your computing problems.

    Who We Are

    MT Inc. - Formed 2008
    Since 1992 we have been converting and porting legacy systems into newer operating systems and/or virtual environments (Legacy Virtualization). In 2008 we decided to form MT INC to provide these migration options as a service to all companies that need them. To date we have accomplished successful migrations in New York, Colorado, Texas, California and Ireland.

    What is Legacy Virtualization ?
    Legacy virtualization is the process of reverse engineering and porting legacy systems into one or more newer operating systems in a virtual environment. Our goal is to provide a quick, secure, honest evaluation of your existing systems, a project plan describing the the level of effort required to perform the migration, a small project plan to describe the deliverables for the prototype, timeline and costs for migration completion.

    Why do I need a prototype ?
    Attempting to migrate any legacy system is not a sure thing. Often there are proprietary software or hardware that makes the prospect of conversion difficult and sometimes impossible. The prototype allows a forum to select the show stoppers that may affect the project and we build the prototype to prove that the migration is possible (sometimes to only a limited capacity - see partial migration)

    What about my old hardware (printers, tape drive, cd burner etc) ?
    We will attempt to eliminate these devices by building a solution that integrates seamlessly into a newer environment. Eg line printers - we circumvent the printing device and convert the print job directly to PDF and hosting it on an intranet web site

    Ok I'm interested but how do we start ?
    Once the prototype and project plan has been approved, we attempt to migrate the legacy system as a clone (so that both system can coexist on the same network). During this period we will need your users to participate in testing and running the systems to prove that the new system is working properly. Sometimes it is not possible to keep two systems on at the same time in which case we will coordinate with your schedule to select appropriate time for testing

    What We Offer

    • Legacy Virtualization
    • Digital Rights Management
    • IT Consulting
    • UNIX System Administration
    • Windows System Administration
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Network Design and Troubleshooting
    • Web Services
    • .NET Development
    • JAVA Development
    • Workflow Analysis and Development

  • Services List

    • Legacy Virtualization
    • Digital Rights Management
    • IT Consulting
    • UNIX System Administration
    • Windows System Administration
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Network Design and Troubleshooting
    • Web Services
    • .NET Development
    • JAVA Development
    • Workflow Analysis and Development

    Legacy Virtualization

    Breathe new life into your legacy systems
    We take your old legacy systems and port/virtualize them to a new platform. We try to keep all existing licenses for the legacy applications and where appropriate we find alternatives to replace the portions that cannot be migrated. Our successful deployments in Englewood CO, Livermore CA, Longford Ireland and Austin TX has provided a wealth of experience that helps to avoid any problems. The resulting system is usually orders of magnitude faster, extremely reliable and secure with fault tolerant backup and cloning. Virtualizied solutions may also can provide the opportunity for Cloud Based deployment. Give us the opportunity to show you what we can do for your business ...

    Digital Rights Management

    Secure and control when and how your documents are used
    Working primarily with PDF documents (and some Microsoft Office formats) we use a third party plugin to be able to implement access, monitoring and features rights to all documents. We tailor the system to your specific business requirements.

    IT Consulting

    Reliable Development
    Designing systems, forming and leading large development teams (local or offshore). Experience of systems design as well as latest development trends provides a two pronged approach to solving business problems.

    UNIX System Administration

    SUN, Linux, AIX, Solaris, BSD, SCO, DYNIX, HPUX, OSX and more
    Depth of knowledge ... Breath of experience. We can troubleshoot single and multi operating system data centers. We are able to analyze the systems interoperability at the lowest level for quick and reliable diagnosis.

    Windows System Administration

    DOS, Windows for Workgroups - Windows Server 2008
    Todays IT environment usually involves different platforms. Getting the different system to talk to each other on the same network can be a problem. Our experience with these Microsoft based platforms and UNIX systems provides an advantage when designing or troubleshooting such a complex architecture. Not just Microsoft Windows but all of the Microsoft generations of operating systems from DOS 3.2 to Windows Server 2008 as well as their Open Source cousins

    Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineer your workflow and proprietary systems
    We analyze the beginning and the end of the process (workflow, manual processing or system processing). We then do a deep data analysis to evaluate the amount of redundant data and create a solution to replace (or augment) your existing solution with a new process.

    Network Design and Troubleshooting

    Analyze all aspects of your network
    Our suite of tools allows us to analyze every layer in the Network stack. We can troubleshoot connectivity between two or more systems, evaluate security and diagnose problems in network hubs or design. We will do network packet analysis to ensure that data is not being truncated or retransmitted. We are able to analyze TCPIP, Token Ring, LAN, WAN, CSMA/CSD networks, etc. We will troubleshoot and validate your network architecture and provide an in depth report

    Web Services

    Access your data through Web Services
    We leverage .NET, Groovy and/or JAVA to create RESTful Web Services. We can also expose access to certain systems through web services. We will couple these services with AJAX driven web sites that can take advantage of the web services in a secure manner.

    .NET Development

    Access your data through Web Services
    We leverage .NET, Groovy and/or JAVA to create RESTful Web Services. We can also expose access to certain systems through web services. We will couple these services with AJAX driven web sites that can take advantage of the web services in a secure manner.

    JAVA and Groovy Development

    Access your data through Web Services
    We leverage .NET, Groovy and/or JAVA to create RESTful Web Services. We can also expose access to certain systems through web services. We will couple these services with AJAX driven web sites that can take advantage of the web services in a secure manner.

    Workflow Analysis and Development

    Let technology enhance or replace your existing workflows
    Leveraging the latest development system and tools to model, build and deploy workflow systems to replace legacy and manual workflows. For greater optimization we can couple this service with Legacy Virtualization to build a single integrated system.
  • Case Studies

    • 1997 - Hardware Based Image Processing System,
      Englewood, Colorado USA

      A $12M proprietary imaging system built in 1992, had become slow and unreliable by 1997. The system could scan documents and store images that could be later output to Micro Fiche, Micro Film and CD. Processing and output of TIFF format images to the Electron Beam Recorders was set up through a hardware processing system utilizing a realtime VxWorks operating system. Unfortunately, approximately 1 in every 20,000 images would appear blank on the Microfilm or Microfiche. Our investigation discovered that TIFF images with a specific number of horizontal lines was common link, so we designed a software based TIFF image preprocessing system to modify offending images on-the-fly. The system integrated perfectly into the workflow and since the software ran on newer hardware, it was easily able to keep up with the hardware based processing system.

    • 2000 - Document Archiving System,
      Englewood Colorado USA

      A custom built document storage system for storing mostly images onto 12" optical media. The system had worked well for many years, but now the 12" Optical Drives were past their end-of-life and parts and replacements were getting progressively difficult to find. To solve their immediate needs, we integrated a storage system based on Magneto-Optical media and then developed the hooks into the custom software to "fool" the system into believing that it was still reading/writing from the original 12" Optical system. Once the immediate threat of data loss was averted by the new system, we designed a second piece to store the documents in a folder structure on a NFS storage device. This provided security and speed and is still in use today.

    • 2008 - PC based Accounting System,
      Centennial, Colorado USA

      An old accounting system that was inherited from a previous merger was beginning to to run slow and would start showing strange errors. The software had not been upgraded in 6 years and the software manufacturer (from Germany) was no longer in existence. Licensing was tied to the hardware hosted and MAC address on the network controller making the prospect of replacing the hardware almost impossible. Migration to a new accounting system could not be accomplished in a short timeframe and the system was tightly integrated into their custom built brokering system. We determined that the hardware was no longer adequate, but since the system was based on WIndows 2000 we could not find a PC architecture that would be industry class and would have the required drivers. We virtualized the entire system as a clone, ensuring that the MAC address and hardware hosted were the same. The new system performed faster and all errors disappeared. An added benefit was that the new system was easily cloned and backed up providing greater security and smaller maintenance windows.

    • 2011 - Custom built data production system,
      Longford, Ireland

      The main server was located at their HQ in California. They used the system through remote telnet console sessions via their corporate VPN. The system ran on a Sequent architecture and was written in Dynix C, shell scripts and an Informix Database. The system had been running well since 1991, however they had speed issues (6 days to accomplish a monthly build) and reliability issues where build would fail after 6 days of processing because a 2GB limit had been reached. We research alternative ways to fix their problem and finally arrived at the conclusion to migrate their entire build system to a different operating system (and hardware). We created a virtualized image and chose a modern operating system that had a similar shared memory architecture and processor base. We then ported all of their Dynix C code base and scripts to the new system. We replaced the Informix library with a third party provider (which could provide compliant services) and then ensured that all of the accounts were cloned onto the new system. The resulting system ended up being a hybrid solution where the company entered data into the old system, that databases would be copied over at build time to the new system for processing. This way we could migrate the system very quickly. The final system could perform their builds in 90 minutes (from 6 days). An additional post process that used to take 10 days to build now completed in 15 minutes (since we were able to tweak the code to take advantage of the new system speed).

    • 2010 - SCO v3 Virtualization,
      Livermore, California

      A system designed to take product data, manipulate into a suite of product offerings and then product a proprietary format CD/DVD and tapes for customer consumption. The system consisted of 8 PC's (Pentium 1), proprietary CD/DVD writer and many tape drives. The production process was slow, convoluted and prone to failure. It utilized an Ingres v3 database on SCO v3 operating system. Older PC's were being purchased at premium prices from the internet so that their parts could keep the system running. We were able to consolidate the 8 machines into a single virtual that we hosted onto a brand new standalone PC. The virtualization was moved to SCO v5 and we were able to migrate the codebase and Ingres license. Tape devices were accessed via the host operating system and all printing to dot matrix printers (VIA serial/parallel ports) were replaced by a system to convert the printouts to PDF files. The virtualized system was able to speed up production processes by 100x. After analyzing the CD/DVD produced by the proprietary CD/DVD writing software/hardware, we replaced it with open source writing software that was configured to produce equivalent media. All tape media was reverse engineered and recreated using simple scripts.

    • 2011 - SCO v3 production system running Oracle v7,
      Austin, Texas

      A group of SCO v3 servers running Ingres v3 and Oracle v7 were being maintained in the data center. These systems were beginning to show signs of failure and their production schedules were taking 6+ days to complete. We virtualized each system to SCO v5 and migrated the database licenses. Once the system were operational, we virtualized their Windows data entry desktops too. Their data entry system would only run on Windows XP so by virtualizing them, they could now have upgraded desktops and do data entry through the virtual desktops. They ran a lot of reports produced on wide green-bar printers, we modified the printing system in SCO to produce PDF files and hosted them on an intranet web server. Production times on the new virtual system were reduced to 90 minutes. We eventually converted the VIrtual Images to VMWare VSphere to be deployed into the corporate virtualization servers in the data center.

  • Testimonials

    Provided by satisfied clients

    Longford, Ireland
    3rd April 2012 - It’s about 12 months since our Sequent virtualization process was completed by Anant’s team however we haven’t looked back since. Our new 64 bit virtual production environment is so far removed from the one we were used to running that it feels like we are operating in a completely new business, weird feeling but you quickly get used to it. I won’t digress into the technicalities suffice to say that Anant’s work has literally turbo-charged our production processes. Tasks that previously took 30 hours to run with no guarantee of success now sweep through in 45 minutes without fail. Gone are the days when we queued processes and came back after two working days with fingers crossed looking for usable output. Reflecting back briefly as I write this review I realise our system was falling well short in terms of efficiency. It’s true that at some time or another, organisations get bogged down in technology to a point where IT no longer enables the business. It takes people of Anant’s calibre, free of legacy restrictions and free of the daily responsibilities of production that can often stifle blue-sky thinking, to hit these IT challenges head-on and transform businesses. I was amazed at how quickly Anant cut through the layers of established procedures and documentation (more often than not filed in our employees heads). Anant asked the right questions and knew how to get the right answers in order to be successful in a relatively short time. I’d stop short at calling this guy’s work a miracle however results are what count and Anant delivered and even exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended.

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